My name is Krista Milburn.

Some of you may know me from my old satirical character, Femitheist Divine (discontinued in 2014).


Constantly, I write, study, learn, and pursue self-improvement.

Chiefly, and most importantly, I am a follower of the notion of treating all others, even those who attack or dislike me, civilly, and with the utmost rational kindness (within reason). This does not prohibit me from disagreeing with folk or defending myself, but it is the only approach that I truly respect and consider optimal and appropriate.

I shun condescension, employing slurs to insult, and incivility, and rate typical attitude as one of the most significant personal qualities of all individuals. How one regularly interacts with those around them matters more than general opinions, in my view; it is a strong reflection and/or indication of character.

In other words, I believe that every person, regardless of affiliations, should always strive to maintain fair civility, reason, and understanding, even in the face of irrationality, animosity, or even outright bigotry and hate.

I have not always held perfectly to these principles, but I do my best to maintain this attitude at all times now.


None of the below is intended to imply or state that I am opposed to every single individual that falls under one of these titles, and these things do not mean that I believe that all people who use these labels are the same. These are simply general items which will provide readers a better understanding of where I typically stand on issues.

►Non-Feminist: I do not subscribe to any “theories of patriarchy” (i.e., I don’t view the world from a feminist critical perspective, or subscribe fully to much “feminist theory”). I don’t believe that mainstream feminist analysis of society is accurate, historically or modernly; at least, not to an extent that I would be willing to call myself one. And I am also not a proponent of the concept of rape culture, insofar as it is normally applied as a construct by feminists. I referred to myself as a feminist for a brief time in 2012, but have not done so since.

Non-“SJW”: I am not against justice in society, but I cannot side with “SJWs” (Social Justice Warriors) due to their typical outlooks, flawed social opinions, and consistently extreme, wrongheaded biases, attitudes, and actions. I do not, however, see all left-leaning individuals as “SJWs” as some appear to. “SJWs” are a small group.

►Non-Anti-Feminist: I am generally not an anti-feminist, although I do oppose feminism and some feminists on occasion. Militant anti-feminists tend to simply be reverse mirrors of poorer feminists in regard to their toxic mentalities, insularity, common obstructionism, and histrionic overreactions.

►Non-MRA: In my opinion, some MRAs are to anti-feminists what “SJWs” are to feminists. When I occasionally oppose individual MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists), I generally do so for the same reasons that I sometimes oppose individual “SJWs” (when they act as reverse mirrors of “SJWs”). I believe, however, that the MRM (Men’s Rights Movement) has a number of positive qualities which are valuable to sex issues discourse and helpful to men in general. My perspectives on the MRM are explained to a greater extent here.

➤Summation: I am an advocate for women’s and men’s rights, and though I may be critical at times of both MRAs and feminists, I am not always against them (or with them). I simply choose not to use their titles.

I want better advocacy and activism overall from and for everyone, women and men, and I care only about seeking, finding, and presenting what is true, regardless of where the facts might fall in any particular instance.


►Agnostic-Atheist: I believe that it is possible that a God, or some gods, could theoretically exist, but I do not actively believe in any deities or “higher powers.” I am what is commonly known as a natural non-believer.

►Anti-Theist: I tolerate those of faith, and/or those who believe in a deity or deities, et cetera, but I believe that the eradication of all faith in the existence of deities/magic, and religion in general, would be best for humanity.

Politically Independent/Unaffiliated (Specific to the United States):

►I am not a Democrat, and although I am slightly “liberal” on some social issues, my views are not consistent enough with popular liberalism for me to consider myself either a Democrat or liberal.

►I am not a Republican; I do not side with them, or conservatives in general, often enough for me to consider myself a Republican or conservative. I am also not a Libertarian (for essentially the same reasons).

➤Intactivist: I am opposed to all forms of female and male genital mutilation (e.g., circumcision). I support ending (provably) medically unnecessary (and impractical) infant circumcision through education of the public and government action. For my views, specifically, on male circumcision, see this post. I also believe that it is important to remember that issues such as circumcision do not belong to activists or ideologues (i.e., feminists and/or MRAs), but to women and men. One does not have to be a feminist or an MRA to support things related to the issues of women and men, or to support women’s and men’s rights. Activists do not own human rights issues.

(I use the term intactivist here solely because it most clearly identifies my position on these items.)


➤I write on Medium (https://medium.com/@Femitheist).

NOTE: This section may be amended or added on to in the future. For all other questions, see my FAQ.