Friday, October 30, 2015

My Prediction: “The Red Pill” Documentary


I received a question regarding a documentary entitled “The Red Pill” on today.

For fun, I decided that I would post the question and answer here on my site.

The question:

“Since you mentioned it. Many MRA’s are backing her. Others think she is going to burn them. What do you think?”

My answer:

“95% certainty, in my opinion, that it plays out something like this:

1) Feminist sets out on a ‘personal journey’ to discover the truth about MRAs (taking the perspective of the uninitiated for the audience). This contextual framing will help make the film seem less biased.

- Seriously, the entire set-up of the film is for the sake of making it appear honest to uninformed viewers.

2) Feminist speaks to some prominent MRAs, they inform her of men’s (and other social) issues.

- By presenting the MRA interviewees in a fair and respectful manner, the film will seem noble in its intent.

3) Feminist has revelations, never realized that men had such problems, begins to question her beliefs.

- Somewhere there will be a recap of everything that’s been ‘discovered’ compared to her prior views.

4) Feminist approaches Feminist scholars to help her reconcile her previous notions with her new findings.

5) Feminist scholars tell her that all of the issues that MRAs informed her of are a product of a patriarchal system and that MRAs are probably misguided and misunderstand the reality of the underlying causes.

- She will decide that, while men do have issues, she mostly agrees with the Feminists on the causes.

(The above 5 chief points are the definite predictions.)

6) Possible inclusion of ‘MRAs may say [x], but they are actually about [x]’ and minor criticisms of MRAs.

- Number 6 is less likely, but I can see it happening. She won’t go all out on MRAs, though. Just enough.

She ends the documentary by summarizing all of the above, with a poignant narration about her quest.

(She will still be a Feminist when the film concludes, though likely expressing some sympathy for men.)

True tagline of the documentary: ‘MRAs are correct in one way, at least. Men do have issues. But,....’

Or, more succinctly: ‘Men have issues, but....’

I will watch the film, but I won’t donate.

And if I am wrong about much of the above, I will be moderately surprised.”

Mark your calendars, and let us see if I am right or wrong!

Author: Krista [@Femitheist]
NOTE: I don't mind being wrong about this if it turns out that I am.

Either way, I can only hope that it does something good.