Friday, December 12, 2014

The New Year (2015) and Information Updates (G+ Re-post)

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(Many new and exciting things are on the way this year!)

I am going to approach 2015 with a fresh perspective in mind and attempt to keep everything that I do and say as positive and civil as possible (even when being critical of someone and/or their work).

Years of negativity have grown tiresome, and although I am certain there will be much more negativity to come this year, I would like to do my best to not be a part of that vicious cycle.

It is those like all of my wonderful friends who remind me each and every day how fortunate I am to have come across the people that I have, and to even form strong and lasting bonds with them.

My resolution for this upcoming year, in accordance with what I have been pushing toward for a while now, is to be as kind, civil, fair, reasonable and honest as possible when dealing with others as I can be, and I hope that many people will strive to do the same as best they can as well.

The world is beautiful and filled with countless amazing, wonderful and brilliant people of all races, sexes and creeds. Among theists, atheists, and even Feminists and Anti-Feminists, there are many terrific, genuine and human-loving people who are doing the best they can to help others and to make the world a greater place to live.

And, even though we all may disagree strongly on different issues, concepts or problems, we should always remember that ideological differences do not mean that we must hate one another, do not mean that there can never be any meaningful reconciliation in the future between currently opposing sides, and do not mean that each and every one of us cannot someday become friends and work together to solve and improve the problems that we all care about, discuss and face (they are all human issues, our issues).

A superior reality is possible. Nearly anything truly is. All that we have to do is collectively give our greatest individual efforts to improve the human condition. We must unceasingly believe very strongly in humanity as a whole, even if it is sometimes difficult to believe in other people or those immediately around us.

Nothing is absolutely predetermined or set in stone forever, and only defeatists and cynics utter and believe in such ideas and grim, inevitable ends.

It is our plight to find our own purposes. In terms of being on this Earth, our purpose is to improve this existence. In short, to help create a better world. This is not beyond our grasp, even if the road ahead seems long, and the endeavor, trying, hostile and brutal.

Most of us, here and now, have the freedom to form our own identities, to speak about what we wish as we wish, and the power to forge our own so-called fates with our own hands, as well as to influence and impact the various dialogues and larger environment around us. Let us use our freedoms and power, not just for ourselves and our own personal interests, but to create a better world for all to live in and enjoy. This is, after all, our world to share and shape (as stewards of creation!).

I am going to end this post with a quote which I am taking entirely out of context, just for consideration and to sum up the current climate (the original context of the quote is quite different, but I find it fitting):

“I stood on the edge of my humanity, looked into the pit, and loved what I saw there.”

Much love to everyone, and may all of your lives be wonderful, beautiful and full journeys each and every day.

Be the very best versions of yourselves that you can be.

Author: Krista [Femitheist Divine]

P.S. Thank you to all of my terrific friends for always being loyal, caring and true.