Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sara Ylen - Lied About Rapes and Cancer

I am discussing this story because this woman is especially vile.

An Overview of Her Story:

On a sunny Saturday in May, 2001, Sara Ylen pulled her van into a crowded department store parking lot in Port Huron, Michigan. But, when she opened her door to get out, a man grabbed her. He forced her into the back of the van behind its darkly tinted windows, then hit Sara until she passed out. When she regained consciousness, he was gone.

Bleeding and bruised, she drove home, locked herself in the bathroom and showered with scalding hot water. The next day, Sara and her husband Jim reported the assault to the authorities. Three days went by before she finally told her husband the truth: she had been raped. He took her to the ER, where doctors informed her it was too late to collect forensic evidence. For months, Sara struggled to come to terms with the attack.

Then, one day while she was driving, Sara became terrified when she saw a man in another vehicle who resembled her attacker. She knew she had to do something. She went back to the police. The cops had no evidence to work from, but Sara was determined. She spent hours at her computer going through the Michigan sexual-offenders' registry. When that failed, she went to the police station in October 2002 and sat down with mug shot books. More than four days and 10,000 faces later, Sara broke into tears.

She'd found the face she was looking for: James Eugene Grissom, a department store employee, had molested a six-year-old child two months before Sara was raped. The police arranged a lineup. Grissom arrived with a shaved head and beard and Sara was unable to identify him. But, when Sara remembered a lost detail from the rape - a skull tattoo that matched Grissom's, he was arrested on March 22, 2003.

At trial, Grissom's attorney tried, and failed, to suppress evidence of the tattoo. Then, Sara took the stand herself and during twenty hours of testimony, she detailed what she remembered from the attack. Grissom was found guilty. At sentencing, the judge sentenced Grissom to fifteen to thirty-five years, the maximum the law allowed.

Sara Ylen falsely accused individuals of rape, robbed a man of around ten years of his life, and her story was featured on the WOW cable show Captured, in an episode entitled “In Broad Daylight,” which aired on December 7, 2009.

Along with all of this, a fundraiser was held in her honor for the cervical cancer she claimed to have developed as a result of the HPV transmitted to her during the rape.

And, in 2009, she claimed to be under hospice care (supposedly paralyzed), which led the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to pay more than $94,000 in care for her from 2009-2011.

Not only is it repugnant to lie about having cancer, and to fool people into believing your fabrications to persuade them to raise money for you, and to use other organizations to fund your life by lying to them as well, but it is abhorrent to falsely accuse people of rape.

False accusations of rape not only ruin reputations and steal the lives and freedom of innocent people, such as James Grissom, but they likewise serve solely to discredit true victims by making it more difficult for them to be believed. This is a fact which cannot be ignored.

Every false accusation of rape that is proven to be a lie is an insult and an immense disservice to every actual victim of rape, as well as a terrible offense against the falsely accused, and each person who falsely accuses someone of rape should be given at least half of the sentence that the individual whom they accused would have received, if not the entire sentence.

I would prefer the latter.

On behalf of all of the true victims of rape, and on behalf of all those who have had their lives ruined and taken away by false allegations of rape, only equally severe punishments for these sorts of false accusations, which are proven, without a doubt, to be false, would be just.

Regardless of the prevalence or severity of false rape accusations, lying about such a crime is a reprehensible thing to do, and people need to start taking these kinds of incidents more seriously, because the liars and falsifiers harm and delegitimize people who are really victims of violence.

Sara Ylen, who lied about a myriad of things, and who used and ruined so many people, deserves nothing more than to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Her freedom contributes nothing to society.

And she, along with everyone like her, are nothing more than a menace and a nuisance to everyone else, particularly true victims of violence.

Thank you all for reading.

Author: Krista [@Femitheist]