No Nude Underage/Preteen Model Sites...
Sick and Disgusting

From the sick, disgusting and horrendous depths of the hell that is the internet, comes these reprehensible sites, known as "No Nude Model" sites. They are, in essence, trading grounds for pedophiles. They operate under the "fortunate" opportunism of being barely legal in more ways than one, but they should not be.

I was unaware of these sites up until today, when someone mentioned it to me and directed me to a site. I am leery of linking the sites here due to the potential viewership of this Blog, and because they are vomit-inducing. But, because they are easily found on Google, I will link a few to better help you understand exactly what I am talking about.


These are not charming and tasteful family photographs of children. These are girls, who age anywhere from six years old to twelve years old, younger in some cases, and up to seventeen in others (most appear to be preteens), being dressed up and positioned in incredibly adult and provocative positions for what one can only assume to be the fetishist pleasure of some immensely mentally-ill males.

I've lightened up on my opposition to pornography recently, but this is honestly something that I do not understand anyone being able to tolerate, and I'm not sure whether it's a gift or a curse that more people are not aware of these sites.

Obviously, I would NOT want to lead people who WANT to see these things to finding them, but at the same time, people should realize that these vile sites exist so that someone can at least attempt to do something about them.

If anything has ever been objectification, exploitation and child abuse in every sense of these terms, this is it. I feel like that absolutely cannot be denied or contested. I honestly feel like writing someone or trying to find a way to do something about this somehow.

These are sites that lead to file and picture sharing trading spaces for pedophiles, who trade photographs of their own family members and random girls in random places with other freaks for whatever repulsive filth they've got.

Regardless of whatever guise these sites are operating under as their "purpose", it is pretty clear what the true nature of these sites is. And, even if they are not based in the United States by server, they should still be entirely illegal.

It's just wrong.

Any and all types of child pornography trading, little girls or little boys, is wrong and needs to stop. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about what could be done to cease the existence of these sort of sites, please let me know, or do so on your own.

Once again, I'd like to note that I AM NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, linking these sites for ANY other purpose than to inform people of their existence.

If any sick freak is reading this and is happy that I've found these sites for them, then there's nothing that I can do about that. But, I would hope that at least the majority of people would feel the same way about these sites that I do.

That's all for now.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below.



  1. im not sure but can't these sites also be reported to the police to be taken down? this is soooo not something any child should be going through. i'm not sure but i would talk to the police about it and see if this counts as child pornography so the sites can be taken down and whoever made them maybe arrested.

  2. Maybe. It'd be nice. I'm seriously considering doing something like that because this is fucking gross.

  3. If the server is hosted in another country, perhaps you could contact the authorities of that country. Depending on their laws, they'd take it down or leave it up.
    A reasonable post, by my standards. Though I'd appreciate it if you left out the bad language; there are more creative ways to show displeasure.

    1. I apologize for the cursing. I took the three words out. I was semi-raging when I originally wrote this.

    2. I appreciate it.
      I understand, though. This isn't something they should be able to get away with. Not only is it gross, but it's really just exploiting the poor kids. They don't understand. They can't consent to it (essentially what distinguishes it from pornography). In general, people aren't easily able to judge the consequences of their actions until about 25. How could these children know what the effects might be of letting parents take these pictures???
      In short, this is very, very disturbing.
      On a slightly related note, did you hear about this?

  4. Kiddie porn shall not be tolerated! No matter the gender. Kick their ass, FGI!

  5. Those girls are babies! Please take those links down! I understand you are making a statement, but it also drives those fucks traffic! Please disable them!

    1. I took the links off. I was considering taking them off anyway because I didn't really like having them there. And yes... they are. It's really disgusting.

      I didn't want to give them more traffic, but I wanted people to understand how awful these sites are. I guess I'll leave it up to people to research it on their own.

    2. i never even heard about these sites till you posted them here and i have to say i'm surprised these are even up and not taken down by someone already. i guess the only ones who really see these kinds of things are those that go off and look for it. i just hope that they will get taken down and that the children will be rescued.

    3. I had never heard of them until someone claiming to be a lady sent me an email asking if I had ever seen them. I found the sites I had linked here by Googling it afterwards.

      I feel like the reason they are still up is because only the freaks who are into that go looking, but that's kind of the problem too. It's a double-edged sword.

  6. Makes me feel ill, ruined my new years day.

  7. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Krista. This is so wrong, SO so wrong.

  8. I've came across these sites looking for toy model cars and I visted many trying to find some that would be porn type to get enough on them being shut down but all say 100% legal and they all have cloths on

    1. They're "technically" legal, but that doesn't mean they aren't horrible.


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