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  1. what actually happened that day?

  2. i hope you and all femitheists get cancer , you fucking cunts. waste of oxygen.

  3. lol you mad you were born a woman and not a genetically superior male? i hope you die you stupid feminist bitch

  4. I have seen women taking rights into their own hands, years ago. Not a bad thing. Being a man myself, if I had to die like the guys I had seen dying, in a revenge to their raping women, by those women, I probably would think it would be the best way to die. I mean, being shot in the balls by the women you raped would put an end to our life in a matter of minutes. At least the woman would have had her pleasure too.

  5. Sorry, but patience is sometimes the best to change a mentality. Our y-chromosome has got a memory, which always jumps a generation. If we suddenly needed to be good runners, it only took about 5 generations and there became a significant difference. The x-chromosome is there for the sustainability. Nowadays, we as humans, gradually started to adapt the world to our needs. About 4-7 generations from now, after having thrown most of the unnecessairy mayham away, most of the -isms, have more grip on our brains, there will be less y-chromosome needed. Science will have totally taken over in procreation. Just like you will not find any non-genetical engineered tomatoes, you will not find any more men.
    At first there were 'protozoa', they changed and adapted to the changing weather conditions in different places.
    Later we became multiple celled organisms, diversifying and developing multiple organs. For a while we could thrive through hermafroditism (esp. sea creatures), but as we spread, we gradually evolved in two sexes because we needed to evolve faster in too complicated creatures. These were about the times of the last dinosaurs.
    As small mammals survived the meteorite crash, we gradually started to branch in more complicated creatures.

    Now, we're here. Artificiality is sth very odd.
    If I move a leaf from a tree with my hand : it is considered artificial, if it is moved by hand : we consider it being natural movement.
    Big mistake! Most men, don't realize we ARE still natural.
    Women mostly realize that giving birth.
    I don't have children myself, but I think that if a woman experiences this, part of her thinks : all the stupid games men play, and they are just fruit of my loins.

    It makes me feel humble, as a man. I am sorry, but I needed this off my chest.



  6. As a male, I don't see what's so bad with this. I mean, we still get to live, and our female overlords remove the problem of having to make choices on our own. It's a proven fact that testosterone leads to violence, and the source is the testes, so what's the problem with removing them? This woman is onto a good thing.

  7. Back in the early nineties I learned a lot from lionesses, in Africa. When lionesses hunt buffalo's they pick a bull out of the crowd. One goes straight for the neck, trying to take him out of his equilibrium, when he's on his back as second lioness goes straight for his pair. She plants her teeth in the balls, and waits. A third lioness is lying over the body while the first keeps his neck tight. The problem is his neck being too wide. Initially he stamps his feet. At first, the testosterone flows out of the balls under pressure and a little sperm maybe, gradually he calms down as that happens. But most important is the pain he experiences. He can stand it for about 10 minutes. He goes in pain shock and dies. Imperative that the balls are attached through his cords when pierced, for that to happen. After that both lionesses tear one side of his bag open and there the opening to tear the whole stomach open. The balls are eaten at first, because of all the nutrients they provide. Later the male lions comes, later the Hyena's and than the Jackalls. The second buffalo of the day is again for the lions, the fifth is for the cubs. Than the lionesses guard the cadaver. It is good they clean up, because when there are not enough lions the buffalo's thrive into the hundreds of thousands, and males are very agressive. Killing over a hundred people a year.

    Even nature is matriarch.

  8. On a worldly scale there are 30 million more men than women. This is an unnatural situation. 2 reasons : more peace on a global scale, second : killing of baby girls in India and China.

    Back in the Middle Ages, and before, men were slaughtered once in a while. They organized fights to out their aggression, and it took care of men keep being in the minority, for less aggression to be happening to women. The battlefields of Europe were lying stagged with corpses, mostly there were so many they even didn't bother cleaning them up. Nature even provided a solution for that : testosterone. Testosterone and blood makes a corpse decade slightly faster. The best example are male gonads, they ferment extremely quickly, when dead. Joan of Arc, who had fought on Burgundian territory, said 'Dans l'été, le fruit des hommes perdus, s'éclatent changeant le champs de bataille dans une symphonie, ... , cela laisse mon coeur chanter'.' meaning : 'During Summer, the lost male fruit bursts open, changing the battle field into a symphony, this makes my heart sing. this'. Must have been, they often war iron shields. Testis tend to ferment quickly in the Sun, and than they simply pop. The white substance inside hitting metal, must have sounded like a symphony. There is a very typical musk smell going with it.
    Anyway, nature will find its way to keep the men at bay, I guess.

  9. yes i want to be castrated and suport the fempower

  10. im male 24 from canada. I want to be castrated. by only a woman.. but need doctors bills paid.


  11. I wish to be castrated.
    I am male 21 from Virginia.


  12. How about we start making the world a better place by shooting you in the fucking face?
    I'm truly sorry the world dealt you a shitty card and made you a fat ugly dyke, but it's hardly my fault.
    You're a fucking disgrace to beautiful women everywhere.
    You want to see aggression? Just try to start with this bullshit and you'll see the full extent of evil that men are capable of. Directed solely at you.

  13. what the fuck, back to the kitchen, you sick bitch

  14. I am just curious. What would qualify a man as a Breeder? What traits would a man have to have to be a part of the 1-10% that would be allowed to remain intact? Would this not create a privileged class of men thus continuing an unjust system?


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